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About Us

The Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan (“the PGA of Japan”) was founded in 1957 as a membership organization of male professional golfers by consolidating a professional golfers’ association in eastern Japan and one in western Japan.

We run the PGA of Japan Seniors Tour, the Japan PGA Championship which is the oldest and longest-running tournament in Japan, among other games.

Our missions are to enhance the standards of the profession of golf and promote golf as a participation sport as well as a watching one. By holding various events for junior golfers and others of all skill levels, we have devoted ourselves to expand golf as a national sport in Japan which is accessible and enjoyable to more and more potential golf fans.

The Association has maintained significant growth and is now comprised of over 5,000 male professional golfers together with Tournament Players and Teaching Professionals.

The Professional Golfers' Association of Japan
Masatsugu Myojin


  1. Qualify as PGA Tournament Players
  2. Qualify as PGA Teaching Professionals
  3. Enhance the standards of techniques, rules, and manners of golf
  4. Survey the standards of techniques, rules, and manners of golf
  5. Run various golf tournaments
  6. Support events and golf clinics held by its affiliates
  7. Publish golf-related publication
  8. Check and certify qualities of golf products
  9. Fulfill any other objectives required by the Association to accomplish its missions


Atago-Toyo Bldg., 2FL. 1-3-4, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0002 Japan
Phone: +81 (0)3 5472 5585
Fax: +81 (0)3 5472 7700

Board of Directors

Kinpachi Yoshimura
Vice Chairman
Nobuo Serizawa / Masatsugu Myojin
Director Of The Policy Board
Toshiyuki Amano / Tadashige Kusano / Makoto komura / Kazunori Shimoda / Tijiro Tanaka /
Kota Chiba / Akimitsu Tokita / Tatsuo Nakagami / Makoto Nagasaki / Nishida Tetsuro /
Misao Hieda / Norio Hirayama / Osamu Fukasawa / Takamasa Matsuo / Hisatsugu Mizutani /
Toru Yamaguchi / Koji Yamamoto
Shoichi Asami / Masahiro Kuramoto / Chikara Nagata / Isao Matsui
Honorary Advisers
Masao Hazama / Akio Kanazawa
Masami Shinozaki / Wataru Higuchi

PGA Qualification Pro Test

The PGA of Japan Qualification Pro Test for Tournament Player (hereinafter called TP) is determined by the Association elements. To be a TP, there are four qualifying stages; pre-stage, first-stage, second-stage, and the final. TP is given with the certification by passing the final.

It may be exempt from the qualifying at the each stage depending on your amateur experience, the results of the PGA of Japan Teaching Pro Trials, and the presence of overseas PGA tour license.

The top 50 places and tie score from the final qualification pro test are required to take a four-day seminar and will learn regarding the rule manners, the training method, the self management skill, and sociology, etc. It is the first step as a professional golfer.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact the department of Legal Authorization Administration.

TEL: +81 (0)3 5472 5585

Golf Teaching Professional Certification

The PGA of Japan is the certifying association for the golf Teaching Professionals. (hereinafter called TCP)

The PGA of Japan established the Golf Teaching Professional Certification in 1985.
Applicants must complete all requirements given by the department of Legal Authorization Administration of the PGA of Japan. TCP is given with the certification through the documentary examination, writing and practical examination, lectures and seminar, etc. (see the Flowchart as below.)
The purpose of TCP is not only able to effectively give the lessons, also gains the ability of self skill with Golf, credibility, experiences and high quality lectures with The PGA of Japan’s supervisors.

※Please note that the TCP flowchart has been changed since 2006. Should you have any inquiries, please contact the department of Legal Authorization Administration.

TEL: +81 (0)3 5472 5585

Overview of Golf Teaching Professional Certification Levels

Class A
Lecture for Class A

Eligible: Applicants with the license of class B.
One-year practical training is required after obtaining the license of class B.
Class A seminar for 16days is required.

Class B
Gain Membership

Eligible: Applicants who attended the admission
seminar and completed the lecture for class B

Lecture for Class B

Applicants must take admi-ssion seminar.

Class B-II

All requirements for class B-I must be completed.
B-II seminar for 9 days is required.

Class B-I

Writing and practical examinations.
B-I seminar for 16 days is required.

5. Interview
4. Written examination
3. Practical examination
2. Documentary examination
1. Entry